Tornado Aftermath: Powering up at Starbucks

My house was ground zero for the recent tornado that passed through North Georgia. The twister was totally unexpected, but thanks to technology (and good friends), we had a 15-minute warning to take shelter. The tornado alert started blaring on my iPhone.  Friends were texting,  telling me they were watching the news and Sandy Springs was in the […]

Embrace the “Power of Three” in Content Marketing

Ever since I learned my ABC’s, I have been aware of the beauty, power and symmetry of “the number three” in communications. Many things in life resolve to three. Think of popular culture. Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mice, Three Stooges, etc. According to Pythagoras and the Pythagorean school, the number three, which they called […]

Job Search on a Kindle Fire? Surprisingly Easy.

Are job seekers really keen on using mobile devices to search for jobs?  My initial assumption was the desire is there, but the market is not quite optimized to support them.  Desktops PCs and laptops are dinosaurs, the cloud is enveloping everything, and everyone is going mobile right?  Pardon brief 70’s diversion. Of course our […]