Job Search on a Kindle Fire? Surprisingly Easy.

Are job seekers really keen on using mobile devices to search for jobs?  My initial assumption was the desire is there, but the market is not quite optimized to support them.  Desktops PCs and laptops are dinosaurs, the cloud is enveloping everything, and everyone is going mobile right?  Pardon brief 70’s diversion. Of course our […]

Do People Actually Read Things Anymore?

 This is a serious question. A colleague and I were working recently on a new data sheet for one of our service offerings. I offered up the usual, a collection of paragraphs, woven together that tell the story (pain points, how we address them, our differentiators, call to action, etc.)  He took one look, frowned, and told […]

How Much Does Your Job Title Mean To You?

 For some people, a lot. We’ve all encountered colleagues who are very concerned that their job title accurately reflects their contribution in terms of their skill level and position within the corporate hierarchy.   And then there are others who could care less what they are called, as long as they have meaningful work and commensurate […]


Not  figuratively.  Literally.   There I  was tromping around Sunday afternoon in my flip flops and shorts through the ivy,  spraying  Roundup on my prolific backyard weed population.  Step… step…. Step… squirt squirt… squirt…, then bang!  A sharp pain, like somebody had plunged a knife  in my ankle. I dropped to my knees and there […]