My Writing Samples

Here are pdfs of some of the work I have done for clients in the past. These include work spanning more than a decade and a range of technology and business clients. Some of the writing is freelance, some from my days as a PR technology writer, corporate marketing executive, and contract consultant.

synergi-white-paperWhite Paper for Synergi on NEC Changes for 2015





future of marketing_thumbnail eBook for PGi on “Future of Marketing”



herding cats_thumbnailInfographic for PGi on “Herding Cats and Corralling Chickens”





vendor soup_thumbnail

Article for PGi on “Vendor Soup and other Productivity Drains”





growing pains

eBook for HubLogix on “Painful costs” of eCommerce Back-end





use cases

eBook for HubLogix on eCommerce Use Case Personas





Family Farm

Case History for MATRIX Resources on Big Data





Agile coaching for hospitalityCase history for MATRIX Resources on Agile coaching in the hospitality industry





Agile Grad School AdmissionsCase history for MATRIX Resources on Agile development for a grad school admissions portal





Plow and HearthPlow and Hearth ecommerce case history for ShopVisible





ShopVisible West Music case studyWest Music ecommerce case history for ShopVisible





B2B buyersInfographic on Business to Business buyers for ShopVisible





ShopVisible Alpha case historyAlpha Industries ecommerce case history  for ShopVisible





B2Xa new paradigmB2X-White paper for ShopVisible





Outsource your sales to your customersCustomer self-service White paper for ShopVisible





OMS playbookOrder Management System Playbook for ShopVisible





replatformingOmnichannel ecommerce replatforming guide for ShopVisible





Trends in B2B CommerceTrends in B2B eCommerce White paper for ShopVisible





Cal Maritime BlackboardCal Maritime case history for BlackBoard Analytics






Blackboard Central Piedmont Community CollegeCentral Piedmont case history for BlackBoard Analytics




Cincinati water

Magazine article for Indus International on work/asset management





Stat SignalBrochure for StatSignal on automated meter reading for utilities






AGilysys Serial ATAWhite paper for Agilysys on Serial ATA data storage





TRanssentric supply chain whitepaperWhite paper for Transentric on supply chain visibility





ecommhub hidden costs infographic   Infographic for eCommHub on Order Processing

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