How to Write a Client Blogpost.

It’s not easy.  Ghost-blogging, that is. For a client.  It’s one thing to write your own blog (like this one).  Approval comes easy when you are self-blogging.  No deadlines, no editors, no worries about relevancy or click-throughs or conversions. Clients, however are harder to please. Funny thing about that. They expect results.  Client blogs must […]

What’s the Difference Between “Copy” and “Content”?

When did “content” replace “copy” as the preferred term for information displayed on websites and in social media? For many years, marketing and advertising writers were always known as copywriters. That’s how I started my career in advertising, as a jr. copywriter. Anyone who watches Mad Men knows about the trials and travails of plucky copywriter Peggy […]

Life as a Consultant: Traits of the Best Recruiters

Having worked in the IT staffing industry for many years, I have had numerous interactions with recruiters of all shapes and sizes. Not as a candidate or consultant, but as a colleague. My opinions of them individually varied of course, but overall I found recruiters to be smart, ambitious, friendly, and disciplined. But I didn’t […]

My LinkedIn “Endorse-back” Strategy

If you are active at all on LinkedIn (I am because I am seeking my “next great opportunity), you probably have received a flurry of emails from your connections endorsing you. Endorsements are the shortcut version of recommendations, and don’t require nearly as much effort as writing a  paragraph or two recommendation. Or thought for […]

Tornado Aftermath: Powering up at Starbucks

My house was ground zero for the recent tornado that passed through North Georgia. The twister was totally unexpected, but thanks to technology (and good friends), we had a 15-minute warning to take shelter. The tornado alert started blaring on my iPhone.  Friends were texting,  telling me they were watching the news and Sandy Springs was in the […]